2 CFR § 200.25 - Cooperative audit resolution.

Cooperative audit resolution means the use of audit follow-up techniques which promote prompt corrective action by improving communication, fostering collaboration, promoting trust, and developing an understanding between the Federal agency and the non-Federal entity. This approach is based upon:

(a) A strong commitment by Federal agency and non-Federal entity leadership to program integrity;

(b) Federal agencies strengthening partnerships and working cooperatively with non-Federal entities and their auditors; and non-Federal entities and their auditors working cooperatively with Federal agencies;

(c) A focus on current conditions and corrective action going forward;

(d) Federal agencies offering appropriate relief for past noncompliance when audits show prompt corrective action has occurred; and

(e) Federal agency leadership sending a clear message that continued failure to correct conditions identified by audits which are likely to cause improper payments, fraud, waste, or abuse is unacceptable and will result in sanctions.