2 CFR Subpart C - Responsibilities of Participants Regarding Transactions Doing Business With Other Persons

  1. § 180.300 What must I do before I enter into a covered transaction with another person at the next lower tier?
  2. § 180.305 May I enter into a covered transaction with an excluded or disqualified person?
  3. § 180.310 What must I do if a Federal agency excludes a person with whom I am already doing business in a covered transaction?
  4. § 180.315 May I use the services of an excluded person as a principal under a covered transaction?
  5. § 180.320 Must I verify that principals of my covered transactions are eligible to participate?
  6. § 180.325 What happens if I do business with an excluded person in a covered transaction?
  7. § 180.330 What requirements must I pass down to persons at lower tiers with whom I intend to do business?