20 CFR § 10.115 - What evidence is needed to establish a claim?

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§ 10.115 What evidence is needed to establish a claim?

Forms CA-1, CA-2, CA-5 and CA-5b describe the basic evidence required. OWCP may send a request for additional evidence to the claimant and to his or her representative, if any; however the burden of proof still remains with the claimant. Evidence should be submitted in writing. The evidence submitted must be reliable, probative and substantial. Each claim for compensation must meet five requirements before OWCP can accept it. These requirements, which the employee must establish to meet his or her burden of proof, are as follows:

(a) The claim was filed within the time limits specified by the FECA;

(b) The injured person was, at the time of injury, an employee of the United States as defined in 5 U.S.C. 8101(1) and § 10.5(h) of this part;

(c) The fact that an injury, disease or death occurred;

(d) The injury, disease or death occurred while the employee was in the performance of duty; and

(e) The medical condition for which compensation or medical benefits is claimed is causally related to the claimed injury, disease or death. Neither the fact that the condition manifests itself during a period of Federal employment, nor the belief of the claimant that factors of employment caused or aggravated the condition, is sufficient in itself to establish causal relationship.

(f) In all claims, the claimant is responsible for submitting, or arranging for submittal of, a medical report from the attending physician. For wage loss benefits, the claimant must also submit medical evidence showing that the condition claimed is disabling. The rules for submitting medical reports are found in §§ 10.330 through 10.333.