20 CFR § 202.12 - Evidence of termination of employer status.

§ 202.12 Evidence of termination of employer status.

(a) In determining whether a cessation of an essential characteristic, such as control or service in connection with railroad transportation, has occurred, consideration will be given only to those events or actions which evidence a final or complete cessation. Mere temporary periods of inactivity or failure to exercise functions or to operate equipment or facilities will not necessarily result in a loss of employer status.

(b) The actual date of cessation of employer status shall be the date upon which final or complete cessation of an essential employer characteristic occurs. The following indicate but do not delimit the type of evidence that will be considered in determining the actual date of cessation of an employer status: stoppage of business or operations; the cancellation of tariffs, concurrences, or powers of attorney filed with the Interstate Commerce Commission; the effective date of a certificate permitting abandonment; the effective date of a pertinent judicial action such as the discharge of a receiver, trustee, or other judicial officer, or an order approving sale of equipment or machinery; the sale, transfer, or lease of property, equipment, or machinery essential to the continuance of an employer function or to control by a carrier employer; public or private notices of contemplated or scheduled abandonment or cessation of operations; termination of contract; discharge of last employee; date upon which the right of a railway labor organization to participate in the selection of labor members of the National Railroad Adjustment Board ceases or is denied; and date on which an employer, if a labor organization, ceases to represent or is denied the right to represent crafts or classes of employees in the railroad industry, or to promote the interests of employees in the railroad industry.

(c) In the absence of evidence to the contrary the employer status of an existing company or person shall be presumed to continue, and in accordance with § 250.1(b) of this chapter it is the duty of each employer promptly to notify the Board of any change in operations affecting such company's status as an employer.

[Board Order 41-85, 6 FR 1210, Mar. 1, 1941]