20 CFR § 320.5 - Initial determinations.

§ 320.5 Initial determinations.

An initial determination shall be made with respect to each claim for unemployment or sickness benefits by the appropriate adjudicating office as provided by § 320.6 of this part. Prior to making an initial determination the Board shall provide the claimant's base-year employer(s) and most recent employer if different with notice that a claim has been filed and that the employer(s) has an opportunity to submit information which may be pertinent to the adjudication of the claim. The adjudicating office shall make its determination on the basis of the claimant's application and claim and any relevant information or evidence including any information received from the base-year employer(s). A determination allowing payment of an initial claim shall not establish a presumption that benefits for subsequent claims in the same period of unemployment or sickness are also payable. The Director of Policy and Systems shall issue instructions with respect to the adjudication of claims and initial determination on such claims. If it is found that only part of the benefits claimed may initially be paid, a partial payment shall be made prior to a final decision on the whole claim.

[56 FR 65679, Dec. 18, 1991, as amended at 77156, Dec. 17, 2002]

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