20 CFR § 323.4 - Guidelines for content of a nongovernmental plan.

§ 323.4 Guidelines for content of a nongovernmental plan.

At a minimum, a nongovernmental plan for unemployment or sickness insurance should contain the following features:

(a) The title of the plan (e.g., Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan or Supplemental Sickness Benefit Plan);

(b) A statement of purpose, such as the following:

There is hereby established a nongovernmental plan for (unemployment insurance) (sickness insurance) [specify which one] within the meaning of section 1(j) of the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act. The purpose of this plan is to supplement the benefits that an eligible employee may receive under that Act and not to replace or duplicate such benefits. Payments under this plan are designed as one of the benefits of employment with [name of employer] and are not intended as pay for time lost or any other form of remuneration for services rendered as an employee;

(c) A statement as to which class or craft of employees, or other specified group of employees, is covered by the plan;

(d) The criteria governing a particular covered employee's eligibility for supplemental benefits under the plan;

(e) The dollar amount of supplemental benefits payable on a periodic basis to an eligible employee, the duration of supplemental benefits, how such benefits will be computed, and the conditions under which an employee will be disqualified or benefit payments reduced or terminated; and

(f) The identity of the plan administrator and the procedure by which a covered employee may claim supplemental benefits under the plan, including forms to be filed (if any), how to file, the time limit for filing, and how an employee may appeal from a denial of supplemental benefits.