20 CFR § 327.15 - Reasonable efforts to obtain work.

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§ 327.15 Reasonable efforts to obtain work.

(a) Requirement. A claimant may be required at any time to show, as evidence of willingness to work, that he is making reasonable efforts to obtain work which he professes to be willing to accept and perform, unless he has good prospects of obtaining such work or his circumstances are such that any efforts to obtain work other than by making application for employment service pursuant to § 325.3 of this chapter would be fruitless to the claimant.

(b) Failure to comply with requirement. When the office of the Board which is adjudicating claims for benefits has information that the claimant has failed to comply with the requirements set forth in paragraph (a) of this section, no benefits shall be paid with respect to any days in the period of the claimant's unemployment unless sufficient evidence of the claimant's availability for work on such days is presented.

(c) What constitutes reasonable efforts. A claimant shall be considered as making reasonable efforts to obtain work when he takes such steps toward obtaining work as are appropriate to his circumstances. In determining what steps are appropriate to a claimant's circumstances, consideration shall be given to actions such as:

(1) Registering with a union hiring or placement facility;

(2) Applying for employment with former employers;

(3) Making application with employers including individuals and companies not covered by the act, who may reasonably be expected to have openings in work suitable for him;

(4) Responding to appropriate “want ads” for work which appears suitable for him;

(5) Actively prosecuting his claim for reinstatement in his former work;

(6) Any other action reasonably directed toward obtaining work.

[Board Order 53–296, 18 FR 8157, Dec. 12, 1953, as amended at 55 FR 1812, Jan. 19, 1990]