20 CFR § 349.1 - Reopening and revising decisions.

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§ 349.1 Reopening and revising decisions.

(a) This part sets forth the Board's rules governing finality of decisions with respect to benefits under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act. After the expiration of the time limits for review as set forth in part 320 of this chapter, decisions may be reopened and revised only under the conditions described in this subpart, by the bureau, office or entity that made the earlier decision or by a bureau, office, or other entity at a higher level which has the claim properly before it. Whether a final decision is reopened or not reopened is solely within the discretion of the Board.

(b) A final decision, as that term is used in this part, means any decision under § 320.5 of this chapter where the time limit for review, as set forth in part 320 of this chapter or in the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act, has expired.

(c) Reopening a final decision under this part means a conscious determination on the part of the agency to reconsider an otherwise final decision for purposes of revising that decision.

(d) New and material evidence, as that phrase is used in this part, means evidence which was unavailable to the agency at the time the decision was made, and which the claimant could not reasonably have been expected to have submitted at that time.

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