20 CFR § 404.423 - Manner of making deductions.

§ 404.423 Manner of making deductions.

Deductions provided for in §§ 404.415, 404.417, and 404.421 (as modified in § 404.458) are made by withholding benefits (in whole or in part, depending upon the amount to be withheld) for each month in which an event causing a deduction occurred. If the amount to be deducted is not withheld from the benefits payable in the month in which the event causing the deduction occurred, such amount constitutes a deduction overpayment and is subject to adjustment or recovery in accordance with the provisions of subpart F of this part.

[32 FR 19159, Dec. 20, 1967, as amended at 68 FR 40122, July 7, 2003]

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