20 CFR § 416.1161a - Income for deeming purposes where Medicaid eligibility is affected.

§ 416.1161a Income for deeming purposes where Medicaid eligibility is affected.

(a) General. In many States, an individual who is eligible for SSI or a Federally administered State optional supplementary payment is in turn eligible for Medicaid. Also, several other States use SSI deeming rules in determining eligibility for Medicaid. In all of these States, in extraordinary cases, the Department will not apply the usual rules on deeming of income where those rules would result in an individual's being ineligible for SSI (or a Federally administered State optional supplementary payment) and Medicaid. Any determination made under this section may at any time be revised based on new information or changed circumstances.

(b) When special deeming rules apply:

(1) The Department will consider not applying the usual deeming rules only upon application by a State Medicaid agency (requirement approved under OMB No. 0960-0304) and on condition that the agency must show:

(i) Deeming would result in lack of Medicaid eligibility for the individual.

(ii) Medicaid eligibility would, prospectively, result in savings to the Medicaid program; and

(iii) The quality of medical care necessary for the individual would be maintained under the arrangements contemplated.

(2) The Department may also in particular cases require that additional facts be demonstrated, or that other criteria or standards be met, before it determines not to apply the usual deeming rules.

(c) Amount of income to be deemed. If the usual rules of deeming do not apply, the Department will determine an amount, if any, to be deemed.

(d) Temporary effect of special deeming rules. This provision is temporary and will be continued only through December 31, 1984. Determinations made under this section will nevertheless remain in effect unless they are revised based on changed circumstances (including establishment in the State of a Medicaid program of home and community-based services or eligibility under a State plan provision) or new information.

[49 FR 5747, Feb. 15, 1984]