20 CFR § 418.1205 - What is a major life-changing event?

§ 418.1205 What is a major life-changing event?

For the purposes of this subpart, we will consider the following to be major life-changing events:

(a) Your spouse dies;

(b) You marry;

(c) Your marriage ends through divorce or annulment;

(d) You or your spouse stop working or reduce the hours you work;

(e) You or your spouse experiences a loss of income-producing property, provided the loss is not at the direction of you or your spouse (e.g., due to the sale or transfer of the property) and is not a result of the ordinary risk of investment. Examples of the type of property loss include, but are not limited to: Loss of real property within a Presidentially or Gubernatorially-declared disaster area, destruction of livestock or crops by natural disaster or disease, loss from real property due to arson, or loss of investment property as a result of fraud or theft due to a criminal act by a third party;

(f) You or your spouse experiences a scheduled cessation, termination, or reorganization of an employer's pension plan;

(g) You or your spouse receives a settlement from an employer or former employer because of the employer's closure, bankruptcy, or reorganization.

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