20 CFR § 606.4 - Redelegation of authority.

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§ 606.4 Redelegation of authority.

(a)Redelegation to OWS Administrator. The Administrator, Office of Workforce Security (hereinafter “OWS Administrator”), is redelegated authority to make the determinations required under this part. This redelegation is contained in Employment and Training Order No. 1-84, published in the Federal Register on November 14, 1983 (48 FR 51870).

(b)Delegation by Governor. The Governor of a State, as used in this part, refers to the highest executive official of a State. Wherever in this part an action is required by or of the Governor of a State, such action may be taken by the Governor or may be taken by a delegatee of the Governor if the Department is furnished appropriate proof of an authoritative delegation of authority.

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