20 CFR § 61.100 - General reimbursement provisions.

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§ 61.100 General reimbursement provisions.

(a) The Office shall reimburse any carrier that pays benefits under the Defense Base Act or other applicable workers' compensation law due to the injury, disability or death of any person specified in § 61.1(a), if the injury or death for which the benefits are paid arose from a war-risk hazard. The amount to be reimbursed includes disability and death payments, funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses, and the reasonable and necessary claims expense incurred in processing the request.

(b) The Office shall not provide reimbursement in any case in which an additional premium for war-risk hazard was charged, or in which the carrier has been reimbursed, paid, or compensated for the loss for which reimbursement is requested.

(c) Reimbursement under this section with respect to benefits shall be limited to the amounts which will discharge the liability of the carrier under the applicable workers' compensation law.