20 CFR 636.1 - Scope and purpose.

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§ 636.1 Scope and purpose.
(a) General. This part establishes the procedures to receive, investigate and resolve complaints, and conduct hearings to adjudicate disputes under title IV (except part B) of the Act. It governs grievance procedures at the recipient or subrecipient level, the receipt and investigation of complaints at the Federal level, the procedures for resolving investigative findings, the rules of practice for adjudicative hearings, and the rendering of decisions pursuant to the Act. Judicial review of final action of the Department after opportunity for an administrative hearing has been exclusively established in the United States Courts of Appeals for the Circuits in which the affected parties reside or transact business.
(b) Initiation of investigations. JTPA investigations may be initiated upon the request of any person or organization or by the Department on its own initiative.
(c) Non-JTPA remedies. Whenever any person, organization or agency believes that a recipient or subrecipient has engaged in conduct that violates the Act and that such conduct also violates a Federal statute other than JTPA, or a State or local law, that person, organization or agency may, with respect to the non-JTPA cause of action, institute a civil action or pursue other remedies authorized under other Federal, State, or local law against the recipient or subrecipient without first exhausting the remedies in this subpart. For example, if a subrecipient believes that a grantee has breached the subgrant agreement between the grantee and itself, the subrecipient may institute a civil action for breach of contract in a State court if so authorized by State law. Nothing in the Act or this paragraph, shall:
(1) Allow any person or organization to join or sue the Secretary with respect to his or her responsibilities under JTPA except after exhausting the remedies in this subpart.
(2) Allow any person or organization to file a suit which alleges a violation of JTPA or these regulations without first exhausting the administrative remedies described in this subpart, or
(3) Be construed to create a private right of action with respect to alleged violations of JTPA or the regulations.
(d) Complaints of discrimination pursuant to section 167(a) of the Act will be handled under 29 CFR parts 31 and 32.
[48 FR 48780, Oct. 20, 1983, as amended at 55 FR 13007, Apr. 6, 1990]
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