20 CFR 636.4 - Grievance procedures at the employer level.

§ 636.4 Grievance procedures at the employer level.
(a) Policy.
(1) Whenever the grantee or subrecipient is an employer, it shall continue to operate or shall establish and maintain for its participants a grievance procedure relating to the terms and conditions of JTPA employment. The employer who does not have a grievance procedure may use the complaint procedure established under § 636.3. Employers shall inform participants of the procedures they are to follow.
(2) A participant who elects the grievance procedure in this section, may also pursue a complaint under § 636.3 where there is an alleged violation of the Act, regulations, grant or other agreement under the Act.
(b) Equal benefits. Where local law, personnel rules, or other applicable requirements specify procedures (including procedures for any adverse action or for termination of employment), similarly employed JTPA participants shall be notified of their right to use the same procedures, as well as JTPA procedures.
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