20 CFR 654.411 - Toilets.

§ 654.411 Toilets.
(a) Toilets shall be constructed, located and maintained so as to prevent any nuisance or public health hazard.
(b) Water closets or privy seats for each sex shall be in the ratio of not less than one such unit for each 15 occupants, with a minimum of one unit for each sex in common use facilities.
(c) Urinals, constructed of nonabsorbent materials, may be substituted for men's toilet seats on the basis of one urinal or 24 inches of trough-type urinal for one toilet seat up to a maximum of one-third of the required toilet seats.
(d) Except in individual family units, separate toilet accommodations for men and women shall be provided. If toilet facilities for men and women are in the same building, they shall be separated by a solid wall from floor to roof or ceiling. Toilets shall be distinctly marked “men” and “women” in English and in the native language of the persons expected to occupy the housing.
(e) Where common use toilet facilities are provided, an adequate and accessible supply of toilet tissue, with holders, shall be furnished.
(f) Common use toilets and privies shall be well lighted and ventilated and shall be clean and sanitary.
(g) Toilet facilities shall be located within 200 feet of each living unit.
(h) Privies shall not be located closer than 50 feet from any living unit or any facility where food is prepared or served.
(i) Privy structures and pits shall be fly tight. Privy pits shall have adequate capacity for the required seats.

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