20 CFR 654.8 - Services to firms and individuals in labor surplus areas.

§ 654.8 Services to firms and individuals in labor surplus areas.
To carry out the purposes and policy objectives of Executive Order 12073 and Executive Order 10582, the Assistant Secretary shall cooperate with and assist the State Workforce Agencies and the Secretary of Commerce, as appropriate, to:
(a) Provide relevant labor market data and related economic information to assist in the initiation of industrial expansion programs in labor surplus areas;
(b) Identify upon request the skills and numbers of unemployed persons available for work in labor surplus areas, providing such information to firms interested in establishing new plants and facilities or expanding existing plants and facilities in such areas;
(c) Identify the occupational composition and skill requirements of industries contemplating locating in labor surplus areas and make such information available to training and apprenticeship agencies and resources in the community for purposes of appropriate training and skill development;
(d) Identify unemployed individuals in need of, and having the potential for, training in occupations and skills required by new or expanding industries and refer such individuals to appropriate training opportunities;
(e) Receive job openings on a voluntary basis and/or under the mandatory listing program provided by 38 U.S.C. 2012 and Executive Order 11701 and refer qualified unemployed workers to such openings, making appropriate efforts to refer to such openings qualified individuals who reside in the labor surplus area.
[44 FR 1689, Jan. 5, 1979, as amended at 48 FR 15616, Apr. 12, 1983; 71 FR 35518, June 21, 2006]

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