20 CFR § 665.310 - What rapid response activities are required?

§ 665.310 What rapid response activities are required?

Rapid response activities must include:

(a) Immediate and on-site contact with the employer, representatives of the affected workers, and the local community, which may include an assessment of the:

(1) Layoff plans and schedule of the employer;

(2) Potential for averting the layoff(s) in consultation with State or local economic development agencies, including private sector economic development entities;

(3) Background and probable assistance needs of the affected workers;

(4) Reemployment prospects for workers in the local community; and

(5) Available resources to meet the short and long-term assistance needs of the affected workers.

(b) The provision of information and access to unemployment compensation benefits, comprehensive One-Stop system services, and employment and training activities, including information on the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program and the NAFTA-TAA program (19 U.S.C. 2271 et seq.);

(c) The provision of guidance and/or financial assistance in establishing a labor-management committee voluntarily agreed to by labor and management, or a workforce transition committee comprised of representatives of the employer, the affected workers and the local community. The committee may devise and oversee an implementation strategy that responds to the reemployment needs of the workers. The assistance to this committee may include:

(1) The provision of training and technical assistance to members of the committee;

(2) Funding the operating costs of a committee to enable it to provide advice and assistance in carrying out rapid response activities and in the design and delivery of WIA-authorized services to affected workers. Typically, such support will last no longer than six months; and

(3) Providing a list of potential candidates to serve as a neutral chairperson of the committee.

(d) The provision of emergency assistance adapted to the particular closing, layoff or disaster.

(e) The provision of assistance to the local board and chief elected official(s) to develop a coordinated response to the dislocation event and, as needed, obtain access to State economic development assistance. Such coordinated response may include the development of an application for National Emergency Grant under 20 CFR part 671. (WIA secs. 101(38) and 134(a)(2)(A).)