20 CFR § 667.825 - What special rules apply to reviews of NFJP and WIA INA grant selections?

§ 667.825 What special rules apply to reviews of NFJP and WIA INA grant selections?

(a) An applicant whose application for funding as a WIA INA grantee under 20 CFR part 668 or as an NFJP grantee under 20 CFR part 669 is denied in whole or in part may request an administrative review under § 667.800(a) with to determine whether there is a basis in the record to support the decision. This appeal will not in any way interfere with the designation and funding of another organization to serve the area in question during the appeal period. The available remedy in such an appeal is the right to be designated in the future as the WIA INA or NFJP grantee for the remainder of the current grant cycle. Neither retroactive nor immediately effective selection status may be awarded as relief in a non-selection appeal under this section.

(b) If the ALJ rules that the organization should have been selected and the organization continues to meet the requirements of 20 CFR part 668 or part 669, we will select and fund the organization within 90 days of the ALJ's decision unless the end of the 90-day period is within six (6) months of the end of the funding period. An applicant so selected is not entitled to the full grant amount, but will only receive the funds remaining in the grant that have not been expended by the current grantee through its operation of the grant and its subsequent closeout.

(c) Any organization selected and/or funded as a WIA INA or NFJP grantee is subject to being removed as grantee in the event an ALJ decision so orders. The Grant Officer provides instructions on transition and close-out to a grantee which is removed. All parties must agree to the provisions of this paragraph as a condition for WIA INA or NFJP funding.

(d) A successful appellant which has not been awarded relief because of the application of paragraph (b) of this section is eligible to compete for funds in the immediately subsequent two-year grant cycle. In such a situation, we will not issue a waiver of competition and for the area and will select a grantee through the normal competitive process.