20 CFR § 670.760 - How will Job Corps coordinate with other agencies?

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§ 670.760 How will Job Corps coordinate with other agencies?

(a) The Secretary issues guidelines for the National Office, Regional Offices, Job Corps centers and operational support providers to use in developing and maintaining cooperative relationships with other agencies and institutions, including law enforcement, educational institutions, communities, and other employment and training programs and agencies.

(b) The Secretary develops polices and requirements to ensure linkages with the One-Stop delivery system to the greatest extent practicable, as well as with other Federal, State, and local programs, and youth programs funded under this title. These linkages enhance services to youth who face multiple barriers to employment and must include, where appropriate:

(1) Referrals of applicants and students;

(2) Participant assessment;

(3) Pre-employment and work maturity skills training;

(4) Work-based learning;

(5) Job search, occupational, and basic skills training; and

(6) Provision of continued services for graduates.