20 CFR § 678.730 - What is the State one-stop infrastructure funding mechanism?

§ 678.730 What is the State one-stop infrastructure funding mechanism?

(a) Consistent with sec. 121(h)(1)(A)(i)(II) of WIOA, if the Local WDB, chief elected official, and one-stop partners in a local area do not reach consensus agreement on methods of sufficiently funding the costs of infrastructure of one-stop centers for a program year, the State funding mechanism is applicable to the local area for that program year.

(b) In the State funding mechanism, the Governor, subject to the limitations in paragraph (c) of this section, determines one-stop partner contributions after consultation with the chief elected officials, Local WDBs, and the State WDB. This determination involves:

(1) The application of a budget for one-stop infrastructure costs as described in § 678.735, based on either agreement reached in the local area negotiations or the State WDB formula outlined in § 678.745;

(2) The determination of each local one-stop partner program's proportionate use of the one-stop delivery system and relative benefit received, consistent with the Uniform Guidance at 2 CFR part 200, including the Federal cost principles, the partner programs' authorizing laws and regulations, and other applicable legal requirements described in § 678.736; and

(3) The calculation of required statewide program caps on contributions to infrastructure costs from one-stop partner programs in areas operating under the State funding mechanism as described in § 678.738.

(c) In certain situations, the Governor does not determine the infrastructure cost contributions for some one-stop partner programs under the State funding mechanism.

(1) The Governor will not determine the contribution amounts for infrastructure funds for Native American program grantees described in part 684 of this chapter. The appropriate portion of funds to be provided by Native American program grantees to pay for one-stop infrastructure must be determined as part of the development of the MOU described in § 678.500 and specified in that MOU.

(2) In States in which the policy-making authority is placed in an entity or official that is independent of the authority of the Governor with respect to the funds provided for adult education and literacy activities authorized under title II of WIOA, postsecondary career and technical education activities authorized under the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006, or VR services authorized under title I of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (other than sec. 112 or part C), as amended by WIOA title IV, the determination of the amount each of the applicable partners must contribute to assist in paying the infrastructure costs of one-stop centers must be made by the official or chief officer of the entity with such authority, in consultation with the Governor.

(d) Any duty, ability, choice, responsibility, or other action otherwise related to the determination of infrastructure costs contributions that is assigned to the Governor in §§ 678.730 through 678.745 also applies to this decision-making process performed by the official or chief officer described in paragraph (c)(2) of this section.