20 CFR § 680.410 - What is an eligible training provider?

§ 680.410 What is an eligible training provider?


(a) Is the only type of entity that receives funding for training services, as defined in § 680.200, through an individual training account;

(b) Must be included on the State list of eligible training providers and programs under this subpart;

(c) Must provide a program of training services; and

(d) Must be one of the following types of entities:

(1) Institutions of higher education that provide a program which leads to a recognized postsecondary credential;

(2) Entities that carry out programs registered under the National Apprenticeship Act (29 U.S.C. 50 et seq.); or

(3) Other public or private providers of training services, which may include:

(i) Community-based organizations;

(ii) Joint labor-management organizations; and

(iii) Eligible providers of adult education and literacy activities under title II of WIOA if such activities are provided in combination with training services described at § 680.350.