20 CFR § 681.570 - What are supportive services for youth?

§ 681.570 What are supportive services for youth?

Supportive services for youth, as defined in WIOA sec. 3(59), are services that enable an individual to participate in WIOA activities. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) Linkages to community services;

(b) Assistance with transportation;

(c) Assistance with child care and dependent care;

(d) Assistance with housing;

(e) Needs-related payments;

(f) Assistance with educational testing;

(g) Reasonable accommodations for youth with disabilities;

(h) Legal aid services;

(i) Referrals to health care;

(j) Assistance with uniforms or other appropriate work attire and work-related tools, including such items as eyeglasses and protective eye gear;

(k) Assistance with books, fees, school supplies, and other necessary items for students enrolled in postsecondary education classes; and

(l) Payments and fees for employment and training-related applications, tests, and certifications.