20 CFR § 682.200 - What are required statewide employment and training activities?

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§ 682.200 What are required statewide employment and training activities?

Required statewide employment and training activities are:

(a) Required rapid response activities, as described in § 682.310;

(b) Disseminating by various means, as provided by WIOA sec. 134(a)(2)(B):

(1) The State list of eligible training providers (including those providing non-traditional training services), for adults and dislocated workers and eligible training providers of registered apprenticeship programs;

(2) Information identifying eligible providers of on-the-job training (OJT), customized training, incumbent worker training (see § 680.790 of this chapter), internships, paid or unpaid work experience opportunities (see § 680.180 of this chapter) and transitional jobs (see § 680.190 of this chapter);

(3) Information on effective outreach and partnerships with business;

(4) Information on effective service delivery strategies and promising practices to serve workers and job seekers;

(5) Performance information and information on the cost of attendance, including tuition and fees, consistent with the requirements of §§ 680.490 and 680.530 of this chapter;

(6) A list of eligible providers of youth activities as described in WIOA sec. 123; and

(7) Information of physical and programmatic accessibility for individuals with disabilities;

(c) States must assure that the information listed in paragraphs (b)(1) through (7) of this section is widely available;

(d) Conducting evaluations under WIOA sec. 116(e), consistent with the requirements found under § 682.220;

(e) Providing technical assistance to State entities and agencies, local areas, and one-stop partners in carrying out activities described in the State Plan, including coordination and alignment of data systems used to carry out the requirements of this Act;

(f) Assisting local areas, one-stop operators, one-stop partners, and eligible providers, including development of staff, including staff training to provide opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment to enter in-demand industry sectors or occupations and nontraditional occupations, and the development of exemplary program activities;

(g) Assisting local areas for carrying out the regional planning and service delivery efforts required under WIOA sec. 106(c);

(h) Assisting local areas by providing information on and support for the effective development, convening, and implementation of industry and sector partnerships;

(i) Providing technical assistance to local areas that fail to meet the adjusted levels of performance agreed to under § 677.210 of this chapter;

(j) Carrying out monitoring and oversight of activities for services to youth, adults, and dislocated workers under WIOA title I, and which may include a review comparing the services provided to male and female youth;

(k) Providing additional assistance to local areas that have a high concentration of eligible youth; and

(l) Operating a fiscal and management accountability information system, based on guidelines established by the Secretary.