20 CFR § 702.317 - Preparation and transfer of the case for hearing.

§ 702.317 Preparation and transfer of the case for hearing.

A case is prepared for transfer in the following manner:

(a) The district director will furnish each of the parties or their representatives with a copy of a prehearing statement form.

(b) Each party must, within 21 days after receipt of such form, complete it and return it to the district director and serve copies on all other parties. Extensions of time for good cause may be granted by the district director.

(c) Upon receipt of the completed forms, the district director, after checking them for completeness and after any further conferences that, in his or her opinion, are warranted, will transmit them to the Office of the Chief Administrative Law Judge by letter of transmittal together with all available evidence which the parties intend to submit at the hearings (exclusive of X-rays, slides and other materials not suitable for transmission which may be offered into evidence at the time of the hearing); the materials transmitted must not include any recommendations expressed or memoranda prepared by the district director pursuant to § 702.316.

(d) If the completed pre-hearing statement forms raise new or additional issues not previously considered by the district director or indicate that material evidence will be submitted that could reasonably have been made available to the district director before he or she prepared the last memorandum of conference, the district director will transfer the case to the Office of the Chief Administrative Law Judge only after having considered such issues or evaluated such evidence or both and having issued an additional memorandum of conference in conformance with § 702.316.

(e) If a party fails to complete or return his or her pre-hearing statement form within the time allowed, the district director may, at his or her discretion, transmit the case without that party's form. However, such transmittal must include a statement from the district director setting forth the circumstances causing the failure to include the form, and such party's failure to submit a pre-hearing statement form may, subject to rebuttal at the formal hearing, be considered by the administrative law judge, to the extent intransigence is relevant, in subsequent rulings on motions which may be made in the course of the formal hearing.

[80 FR 12930, Mar. 12, 2015]