20 CFR § 718.205 - Death due to pneumoconiosis.

§ 718.205 Death due to pneumoconiosis.

(a) Benefits are provided to eligible survivors of a miner whose death was due to pneumoconiosis. In order to receive benefits based on a showing of death due to pneumoconiosis, a claimant must prove that:

(1) The miner had pneumoconiosis (see § 718.202);

(2) The miner's pneumoconiosis arose out of coal mine employment (see § 718.203); and

(3) The miner's death was due to pneumoconiosis as provided by this section.

(b) Death will be considered to be due to pneumoconiosis if any of the following criteria is met:

(1) Where competent medical evidence establishes that pneumoconiosis was the cause of the miner's death, or

(2) Where pneumoconiosis was a substantially contributing cause or factor leading to the miner's death or where the death was caused by complications of pneumoconiosis, or

(3) Where the presumption set forth at § 718.304 is applicable, or

(4) For survivors' claims filed after January 1, 2005, and pending on or after March 23, 2010, where the presumption at § 718.305 is invoked and not rebutted.

(5) However, except where the § 718.304 presumption is invoked, survivors are not eligible for benefits where the miner's death was caused by a traumatic injury (including suicide) or the principal cause of death was a medical condition not related to pneumoconiosis, unless the claimant establishes (by proof or presumption) that pneumoconiosis was a substantially contributing cause of death.

(6) Pneumoconiosis is a “substantially contributing cause” of a miner's death if it hastens the miner's death.

[78 FR 59114, Sept. 25, 2013]