20 CFR § 725.404 - Development of evidence—general.

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§ 725.404 Development of evidence—general.

(a) Employment history. Each claimant shall furnish the district director with a complete and detailed history of the coal miner's employment and, upon request, supporting documentation.

(b) Matters of record. Where it is necessary to obtain proof of age, marriage or termination of marriage, death, family relationship, dependency (see subpart B of this part), or any other fact which may be proven as a matter of public record, the claimant shall furnish such proof to the district director upon request.

(c) Documentary evidence. If a claimant is required to submit documents to the district director, the claimant shall submit either the original, a certified copy or a clear readable copy thereof. The district director or administrative law judge may require the submission of an original document or certified copy thereof, if necessary.

(d) Submission of insufficient evidence. In the event a claimant submits insufficient evidence regarding any matter, the district director shall inform the claimant of what further evidence is necessary and request that such evidence be submitted within a specified reasonable time which may, upon request, be extended for good cause.