20 CFR § 725.497 - Procedures in special claims transferred to the fund.

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§ 725.497 Procedures in special claims transferred to the fund.

(a) General. It is the purpose of this section to define procedures to expedite the handling and disposition of claims affected by the benefit liability transfer provisions of Section 205 of the Black Lung Benefits Amendments of 1981.

(b) Action by the Department. The OWCP shall, in accordance with the criteria contained in § 725.496, review each claim which is or may be affected by the provisions of Section 205 of the Black Lung Benefits Amendments of 1981. Any party to a claim, adjudication officer, or adjudicative body may request that such a review be conducted and that the record be supplemented with any additional documentation necessary for an informed consideration of the transferability of the claim. Where the issue of the transferability of the claim can not be resolved by agreement of the parties and the evidence of record is not sufficient for a resolution of the issue, the hearing record may be reopened or the case remanded for the development of the additional evidence concerning the procedural history of the claim necessary to such resolution. Such determinations shall be made on an expedited basis.

(c) Dismissal of operators. If it is determined that a coal mine operator or insurance carrier which previously participated in the consideration or adjudication of any claim, may no longer be found liable for the payment of benefits to the claimant by reason of section 205 of the Black Lung Benefits Amendments of 1981, such operator or carrier shall be promptly dismissed as a party to the claim. The dismissal of an operator or carrier shall be concluded at the earliest possible time and in no event shall an operator or carrier participate as a necessary party in any claim for which only the fund may be liable.

(d) Procedure following dismissal of an operator. After it has been determined that an operator or carrier must be dismissed as a party in any claim in accordance with this section, the Director shall take such action as is authorized by the Act to bring about the proper and expeditious resolution of the claim in light of all relevant medical and other evidence. Action to be taken in this regard by the Director may include, but is not limited to, the assignment of the claim to the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund for the payment of benefits, the reimbursement of benefits previously paid by an operator or carrier if appropriate, the defense of the claim on behalf of the fund, or proceedings authorized by § 725.310.

(e) Any claimant whose claim has been subsequently denied in a modification proceeding will be entitled to expedited review of the modification decision. Where a formal hearing was previously held, the claimant may waive his right to a further hearing and ask that a decision be made on the record of the prior hearing, as supplemented by any additional documentary evidence which the parties wish to introduce and briefs of the parties, if desired. In any case in which the claimant waives his right to a second hearing, a decision and order must be issued within 30 days of the date upon which the parties agree the record has been completed.

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