20 CFR § 726.110 - Filing of agreement and undertaking.

§ 726.110 Filing of agreement and undertaking.

(a) In addition to the requirement that adequate security be procured as set forth in this subpart, the applicant for the authorization to self-insure shall, as a condition precedent to receiving such authorization, execute and file with the Office an agreement and undertaking in a form prescribed and provided by the Office in which the applicant shall agree:

(1) To pay when due, as required by the Act, all benefits payable on account of total disability or death of any of its employee-miners;

(2) To furnish medical, surgical, hospital, and other attendance, treatment, and care as required by the Act;

(3) To provide security in a form approved by the Office (see § 726.104) and in an amount established by the Office (see § 726.105), as elected in the application;

(4) To authorize the Office to sell any negotiable securities so deposited or any part thereof, and to pay from the proceeds thereof such benefits, medical, and other expenses and any accrued penalties imposed by law as the Office may find to be due and payable.

(b) When an applicant has provided the requisite security, he shall send to the Office in Washington, D.C. a completed agreement and undertaking, together with satisfactory proof that his obligations and liabilities under the Act have been secured.