20 CFR § 802.211 - Petition for review.

§ 802.211 Petition for review.

(a) Within 30 days after the receipt of an acknowledgment of a notice of appeal issued pursuant to § 802.210, the petitioner shall submit a petition for review to the Board which petition lists the specific issues to be considered on appeal.

(b) Each petition for review shall be accompanied by a supporting brief, memorandum of law or other statement which: Specifically states the issues to be considered by the Board; presents, with appropriate headings, an argument with respect to each issue presented with references to transcripts, pieces of evidence and other parts of the record to which the petitioner wishes the Board to refer; a short conclusion stating the precise result the petitioner seeks on each issue and any authorities upon which the petition relies to support such proposed result. The Longshore Desk Book and Black Lung Desk Book are not intended as final legal authorities and should not be cited or relied upon as such.

(c) Copies of the petition for review and accompanying documents must be served upon all parties and the Solicitor of Labor.

(d) Failure to submit a petition for review and brief within the 30-day period or to comply with any part of this section may, in the discretion of the Board, cause the appeal to be deemed abandoned (see § 802.402).

(e) When a party appears pro se the Board may, in its discretion, waive formal compliance with the requirements of this section and may, depending upon the particular circumstances, prescribe an alternate method of furnishing such information as may be necessary for the Board to decide the merits of any such appeal.