20 CFR Subpart H - Special Provisions

  1. Third Party Liability (§§ 10.705 - 10.719)
    1. § 10.705 When must an employee or other FECA beneficiary take action against a third party?
    2. § 10.706 How will a beneficiary know if OWCP or SOL has determined that action against a third party is required?
    3. § 10.707 What must a FECA beneficiary who is required to take action against a third party do to satisfy the requirement that the claim be “prosecuted”?
    4. § 10.708 Can a FECA beneficiary who refuses to comply with a request to assign a claim to the United States or to prosecute the claim in his or her own name be penalized?
    5. § 10.709 What happens if a beneficiary directed by OWCP or SOL to take action against a third party does not believe that a claim can be successfully prosecuted at a reasonable cost?
    6. § 10.710 Under what circumstances must a recovery of money or other property in connection with an injury or death for which benefits are payable under the FECA be reported to OWCP or SOL?
    7. § 10.711 How is the amount of the recovery of the FECA beneficiary determined?
    8. § 10.712 How much of any settlement or judgment must be paid to the United States?
    9. § 10.713 How is a structured settlement (that is, a settlement providing for receipt of funds over a specified period of time) treated for purposes of reporting the gross recovery?
    10. § 10.714 What amounts are included in the refundable disbursements?
    11. § 10.715 Is a beneficiary required to pay interest on the amount of the refund due to the United States?
    12. § 10.716 If the required refund is not paid within 30 days of the request for repayment, can it be collected from payments due under the FECA?
    13. § 10.717 Is a settlement or judgment received as a result of allegations of medical malpractice in treating an injury covered by the FECA a gross recovery that must be reported to OWCP or SOL?
    14. § 10.718 Are payments to a beneficiary as a result of an insurance policy which the beneficiary has purchased a gross recovery that must be reported to OWCP or SOL?
    15. § 10.719 If a settlement or judgment is received for more than one wound or medical condition, can the refundable disbursements paid on a single FECA claim be attributed to different conditions for purposes of calculating the refund or credit owed to the United States?

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