20 CFR Part 641, Subpart D - Grant Application and Responsibility Review Requirements for State and National SCSEP Grants

641.400 What entities are eligible to apply to the Department for funds to administer SCSEP projects? 641.410 How does an eligible entity apply? 641.420 What are the eligibility criteria that each applicant must meet? 641.430 What are the responsibility conditions that an applicant must meet? 641.440 Are there responsibility conditions that alone will disqualify an applicant? 641.450 How will the Department examine the responsibility of eligible entities? 641.460 What factors will the Department consider in selecting national grantees? 641.465 Under what circumstances may the Department reject an application? 641.470 What happens if an applicant's application is rejected? 641.480 May the Governor, or the highest government official, make recommendations to the Department on national grant applications? 641.490 When will the Department compete SCSEP grant awards? 641.495 When must a State compete its SCSEP award?

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