20 CFR Subpart B - Subpart B—Administrative Rules, Costs and Limitations

  1. § 667.200 What general fiscal and administrative rules apply to the use of WIA title I funds?
  2. § 667.210 What administrative cost limits apply to Workforce Investment Act title I grants?
  3. § 667.220 What Workforce Investment Act title I functions and activities constitute the costs of administration subject to the administrative cost limit?
  4. § 667.250 What requirements relate to the enforcement of the Military Selective Service Act?
  5. § 667.255 Are there special rules that apply to veterans when income is a factor in eligibility determinations?
  6. § 667.260 May WIA title I funds be spent for construction?
  7. § 667.262 Are employment generating activities, or similar activities, allowable under WIA title I?
  8. § 667.264 What other activities are prohibited under title I of WIA?
  9. § 667.266 What are the limitations related to religious activities?
  10. § 667.268 What prohibitions apply to the use of WIA title I funds to encourage business relocation?
  11. § 667.269 What procedures and sanctions apply to violations of §§ 667.260 through 667.268?
  12. § 667.270 What safeguards are there to ensure that participants in Workforce Investment Act employment and training activities do not displace other employees?
  13. § 667.272 What wage and labor standards apply to participants in activities under title I of WIA?
  14. § 667.274 What health and safety standards apply to the working conditions of participants in activities under title I of WIA?
  15. § 667.275 What are a recipient's obligations to ensure nondiscrimination and equal opportunity, and what are a recipient's obligations with respect to religious activities?