21 CFR § 102.22 - Protein hydrolysates.

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§ 102.22 Protein hydrolysates.

The common or usual name of a protein hydrolysate shall be specific to the ingredient and shall include the identity of the food source from which the protein was derived.

(a) “Hydrolyzed wheat gluten,” “hydrolyzed soy protein,” and “autolyzed yeast extract” are examples of acceptable names. “Hydrolyzed casein” is also an example of an acceptable name, whereas “hydrolyzed milk protein” is not an acceptable name for this ingredient because it is not specific to the ingredient (hydrolysates can be prepared from other milk proteins). The names “hydrolyzed vegetable protein” and “hydrolyzed protein” are not acceptable because they do not identify the food source of the protein.

(b) [Reserved]

[58 FR 2876, Jan. 6, 1993]