21 CFR § 129.20 - Plant construction and design.

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§ 129.20 Plant construction and design.

(a) The bottling room shall be separated from other plant operations or storage areas by tight walls, ceilings, and self-closing doors to protect against contamination. Conveyor openings shall not exceed the size required to permit passage of containers.

(b) If processing operations are conducted in other than a sealed system under pressure, adequate protection shall be provided to preclude contamination of the water and the system.

(c) Adequate ventilation shall be provided to minimize condensation in processing rooms, bottling rooms, and in container washing and sanitizing areas.

(d) The washing and sanitizing of containers for bottled drinking water shall be performed in an enclosed room. The washing and sanitizing operation shall be positioned within the room so as to minimize any possible post-sanitizing contamination of the containers before they enter the bottling room.

(e) Rooms in which product water is handled, processed, or held or in which containers, utensils, or equipment are washed or held shall not open directly into any room used for domestic household purposes.