21 CFR § 184.1322 - Wheat gluten.

§ 184.1322 Wheat gluten.

(a) Wheat gluten (CAS Reg. No. 8002-80-0) is the principal protein component of wheat and consists mainly of gliadin and glutenin. Wheat gluten is obtained by hydrating wheat flour and mechanically working the sticky mass to separate the wheat gluten from the starch and other flour components. Vital gluten is dried gluten that has retained its elastic properties.

(b) The ingredient must be of a purity suitable for its intended use.

(c) In accordance with § 184.1(b)(1), the ingredient is used in food with no limitation other than current good manufacturing practice. The affirmation of this ingredient as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) as a direct human food ingredient is based upon the following current good manufacturing practice conditions of use:

(1) The ingredient is used as a dough strengthener as defined in § 170.3(o)(6) of this chapter; a formulation aid as defined in § 170.3(o)(14) of this chapter; a nutrient supplement as defined in § 170.3(o)(20) of this chapter; a processing aid as defined in § 170.3(o)(24) of this chapter; a stabilizer and thickener as defined in § 170.3(o)(28) of this chapter; a surface-finishing agent as defined in § 170.3(o)(30) of this chapter; and a texturizing agent as defined in § 170.3(o)(32) of this chapter.

(2) The ingredient is used in food at levels not to exceed current good manufacturing practice.

(d) Prior sanctions for this ingredient different from the uses established in this section do not exist or have been waived.

[50 FR 8998, Mar. 6, 1985, as amended at 73 FR 8607, Feb. 14, 2008]

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