21 CFR § 201.127 - Drugs; expiration of exemptions.

§ 201.127 Drugs; expiration of exemptions.

(a) If a shipment or delivery, or any part thereof, of a drug which is exempt under the regulations in this section is made to a person in whose possession the article is not exempt, or is made for any purpose other than those specified, such exemption shall expire, with respect to such shipment or delivery or part thereof, at the beginning of that shipment or delivery. The causing of an exemption to expire shall be considered an act which results in such drug being misbranded unless it is disposed of under circumstances in which it ceases to be a drug or device.

(b) The exemptions conferred by §§ 201.117, 201.119, 201.120, 201.122, and 201.125 shall continue until the drugs are used for the purposes for which they are exempted, or until they are relabeled to comply with section 502(f)(1) of the act. If, however, the drug is converted, compounded, or manufactured into a dosage form limited to prescription dispensing, no exemption shall thereafter apply to the article unless the dosage form is labeled as required by section 503(b) and §§ 201.100 or 201.105.

[41 FR 6911, Feb. 13, 1976]

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