21 CFR § 26.0 - General.

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§ 26.0 General.

This part substantially reflects relevant provisions of the framework agreement and its sectoral annexes on pharmaceutical good manufacturing practices (GMP's) and medical devices of the “Agreement on Mutual Recognition Between the United States of America and the European Community” (the MRA), signed at London May 18, 1998. For codification purposes, certain provisions of the MRA have been modified for use in this part. This modification is done for purposes of clarity only and shall not affect the text of the MRA concluded between the United States and the European Community (EC), or the rights and obligations of the United States or the EC under that agreement. Whereas the parties to the MRA are the United States and EC, this part is relevant only to the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) implementation of the MRA, including the sectoral annexes reflected in subparts A and B of this part. This part does not govern implementation of the MRA by the EC, which will implement the MRA in accordance with its internal procedures, nor does this part address implementation of the MRA by other concerned U.S. Federal agencies. For purposes of this part, the terms “party” or “parties,” where relevant to FDA's implementation of the MRA, should be considered as referring to FDA only. If the parties to the MRA subsequently amend or terminate the MRA, FDA will modify this part accordingly, using appropriate administrative procedures.