21 CFR § 556.300 - Gentamicin sulfate.

§ 556.300 Gentamicin sulfate.

(a) A tolerance of 0.1 part per million is established for negligible residues of gentamicin sulfate in the uncooked edible tissues of chickens and turkeys.

(b) Tolerances are established for total residues of gentamicin in edible tissues of swine as follows: 0.1 part per million in muscle, 0.3 part per million in liver, and 0.4 part per million in fat and kidney. A microbiological determinative procedure and an HPLC confirmatory procedure for gentamicin have been developed to assay gentamicin in kidney at 0.4 ppm. Since residues of gentamicin as the parent compound and total residues are equal, the marker (parent drug) residue concentration of 0.4 ppm in kidney corresponds to 0.4 ppm of total residue.

[48 FR 791, Jan. 7, 1983, as amended at 61 FR 24441, May 15, 1996]