21 CFR § 556.570 - Ractopamine.

§ 556.570 Ractopamine.

(a) Acceptable daily intake (ADI). The ADI for total residue of ractopamine hydrochloride is 1.25 µg/kg of body weight per day.

(b) Tolerances. The tolerances for ractopamine (marker residue) are:

(1) Cattle.

(i) Liver (target tissue): 0.09 ppm.

(ii) Muscle: 0.03 ppm.

(2) Swine.

(i) Liver (target tissue): 0.15 ppm.

(ii) Muscle: 0.05 ppm.

(3) Turkeys.

(i) Liver (target tissue): 0.45 ppm.

(ii) Muscle: 0.1 ppm.

(c) Related conditions of use. See § 558.500 of this chapter.

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