21 CFR § 606.120 - Labeling, general requirements.

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§ 606.120 Labeling, general requirements.

(a) Labeling operations shall be separated physically or spatially from other operations in a manner adequate to prevent mixups.

(b) The labeling operation shall include the following labeling controls:

(1) Labels shall be held upon receipt, pending review and proofing against an approved final copy, to ensure accuracy regarding identity, content, and conformity with the approved copy.

(2) Each type of label representing different products shall be stored and maintained in a manner to prevent mixups, and stocks of obsolete labels shall be destroyed.

(3) All necessary checks in labeling procedures shall be utilized to prevent errors in translating test results to container labels.

(c) All labeling shall be clear and legible.

[50 FR 35469, Aug. 30, 1985]