21 CFR § 640.16 - Processing.

§ 640.16 Processing.

(a) Separation. Within the timeframe specified in the directions for use for the blood collecting, processing, and storage system used, Red Blood Cells may be prepared either by centrifugation, done in a manner that will not tend to increase the temperature of the blood, or by normal undisturbed sedimentation. A portion of the plasma sufficient to insure optimal cell preservation shall be left with the red cells except when a cryoprotective substance or additive solution is added for prolonged storage.

(b) Sterile system. All surfaces that come in contact with the red cells shall be sterile and pyrogen-free.

(c) Final containers. Final containers used for Red Blood Cells shall be the original blood containers unless the method of processing requires a different container. The final container shall meet the requirements for blood containers prescribed in § 640.2(c). At the time of filing, if a different container is used, it shall be marked or identified by number or other symbol so as to relate it to the donor of that unit of red cells.

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