21 CFR § 640.2 - General requirements.

§ 640.2 General requirements.

(a) Manufacturing responsibility. All manufacturing of Whole Blood, including donor examination, blood collection, laboratory tests, labeling, storage and issue, shall be done under the supervision and control of the same licensed establishment except that the Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, may approve arrangements, upon joint request of two or more licensed establishments, which he finds are of such a nature as to assure compliance otherwise with the provisions of this subchapter.

(b) Blood container. The blood container shall not be entered prior to issue for any purpose except for blood collection or when the method of processing requires use of a different container. The container shall be uncolored and transparent to permit visual inspection of the contents and any closure shall be such as will maintain a hermetic seal and prevent contamination of the contents. The container material shall not interact with the contents under the customary conditions of storage and use, in such a manner as to have an adverse effect upon the safety, purity, or potency of the blood.

(c) Reissue of blood. Blood that has been removed from storage controlled by a licensed establishment shall not be reissued by a licensed establishment unless the following conditions are observed:

(1) The container has a tamper-proof seal when originally issued and this seal remains unbroken;

(2) A segment is properly attached and has not been removed, except that blood lacking a properly attached segment may be reissued in an emergency provided it is accompanied by instructions for sampling and for use within 6 hours after entering the container for sampling;

(3) The blood has been stored continuously at 1 to 6 °C and shipped between 1 and 10 °C;

(4) The blood is held for observation until a significant inspection consistent with the requirements of § 640.5(e) can be made.

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