21 CFR § 640.54 - Processing.

§ 640.54 Processing.

(a) Processing the plasma.

(1) The plasma shall be separated from the red blood cells by centrifugation to obtain essentially cell-free plasma.

(2) The plasma shall be placed in a freezer within 8 hours after blood collection or within the timeframe specified in the directions for use for the blood collecting, processing, and storage system. A combination of dry ice and organic solvent may be used for freezing: Provided, That the procedure has been shown not to cause the solvent to penetrate the container or leach plasticizer from the container into the plasma.

(3) Immediately after separation and freezing of the plasma, the plasma shall be stored and maintained at −18 °C or colder until thawing of the plasma for further processing to remove the Cryoprecipitated AHF.

(b) Processing the final product.

(1) The Cryoprecipitated AHF shall be separated from the plasma by a procedure that has been shown to produce an average of no less than 80 units of antihemophilic factor per final container.

(2) No diluent shall be added to the product by the manufacturer prior to freezing.

(3) The final container used for Cryoprecipitated AHF shall be colorless and transparent to permit visual inspection of the contents; any closure shall maintain a hermetic seal and prevent contamination of the contents. The container material shall not interact with the contents under customary conditions of storage and use in such a manner as to have an adverse effect upon the safety, purity, potency and effectiveness of the product. At the time of filling, the final container shall be identified by a number so as to relate it to the donor.

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