21 CFR § 640.64 - Collection of blood for Source Plasma.

§ 640.64 Collection of blood for Source Plasma.

(a) [Reserved]

(b) Blood containers. Blood containers and donor sets must be pyrogen-free, sterile, and identified by lot number.

(c) The anticoagulant solution. The anticoagulant solution must be sterile and pyrogen-free. Anticoagulant solutions must be compounded and used according to a formula that has been approved for the applicant by the Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.

(d) Donor identification. Each unit of blood and plasma shall be so marked or identified by number or other symbol so as to relate it directly to the donor.

(e) Prevention of contamination of the blood and plasma. The skin of the donor at the site of phlebotomy shall be prepared thoroughly and carefully by a method that gives maximum assurance of a sterile container of blood. The blood shall be collected, the plasma separated, and the cells returned to the donor by aseptic methods in a sterile system which may be closed, or may be vented if the vent protects the blood cells and plasma against contamination.

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