21 CFR § 640.72 - Records.

§ 640.72 Records.

(a) In addition to the recordkeeping requirements of this subchapter, the following records shall be maintained:

(1) Documentation shall be available to ensure that the shipping temperature requirements of § 600.15 of this title and of § 640.74(b)(2) are being met for Source Plasma intended for manufacture into injectable products.


(i) For each donor, establishments must maintain records including a separate and complete record of initial and periodic examinations, tests, laboratory data, and interviews, etc., as required in §§ 630.10 and 630.15 of this chapter and §§ 640.65, 640.66, and 640.67, except as provided in paragraph (a)(2)(ii) of this section.

(ii) Negative results for testing for evidence of infection due to relevant transfusion-transmitted infections required in § 610.40 of this chapter, and the volume or weight of plasma withdrawn from a donor need not be recorded on the individual donor record if such information is maintained on the premises of the plasmapheresis center where the donor's plasma has been collected.

(3) The original or a clear copy or other durable record which may be electronic of the donor's consent for participation in the plasmapheresis program or for immunization.

(4) Records of the medical history and physical examination of the donor conducted in accordance with § 630.15(b)(1) of this chapter and, where applicable, § 630.15(b)(5) of this chapter must document the eligibility of the donor as a plasmapheresis donor and, when applicable, as an immunized donor.

(5) If plasma that is reactive to a serologic test for syphilis is issued as prescribed in § 640.65(b)(2)(iv), the distribution records shall indicate by number those units that are reactive.

(b) Each donor record must be directly cross-referenced to the unit(s) of Source Plasma associated with the donor.

(c) If a repeat donor is rejected or a donor's plasma is found unsuitable, the donor's record shall contain a full explanation for the rejection.

(d) If a donor has a reaction while on the plasmapheresis premises, or a donor reaction is reported to the center after the donor has left the premises, the donor's record shall contain a full explanation of the reaction, including the measures taken to assist the donor and the outcome of the incident.

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