21 CFR § 74.1330 - D&C Red No. 30.

§ 74.1330 D&C Red No. 30.


(1) The color additive D&C Red No. 30 is principally 6-chloro-2-(6-chloro-4-methyl-3-oxobenzo[b]thien-2(3H)-ylidene)-4-methyl-benzo[b]thiophen-3(2H)-one (CAS Reg. No. 2379-74-0).

(2) Color additive mixtures for drug use made with D&C Red No. 30 may contain only those diluents that are suitable and that are listed in part 73 of this chapter as safe for use in color additive mixtures for coloring drugs.

(b)Specifications. D&C Red No. 30 shall conform to the following specifications and shall be free from impurities other than those named to the extent that such impurities may be avoided by current good manufacturing practice:

Volatile matter (at 135 °C), not more than 5 percent.
Chlorides and sulfates (calculated as sodium salts), not more than 3 percent.
Matter soluble in acetone, not more than 5 percent.
Total color, not less than 90 percent.
Lead (as Pb), not more than 20 parts per million.
Arsenic (as As), not more than 3 parts per million.
Mercury (as Hg), not more than 1 part per million.

(c)Uses and restrictions. D&C Red No. 30 may be safely used for coloring drugs generally in amounts consistent with current good manufacturing practice.

(d)Labeling. The label of the color additive and any mixtures prepared therefrom intended solely or in part for coloring purposes shall conform to the requirements of § 70.25 of this chapter.

(e)Certification. All batches of D&C Red No. 30 shall be certified in accordance with regulations in part 80 of this chapter.

[47 FR 22510, May 25, 1982]