21 CFR § 82.51 - Lakes (FD&C).

§ 82.51 Lakes (FD&C).


(1) General. Any lake made by extending on a substratum of alumina, a salt prepared from one of the certified water-soluble straight colors hereinbefore listed in this subpart by combining such color with the basic radical aluminum or calcium.

(2) Specifications. Prepared from previously certified colors listed in this subpart.

Soluble chlorides and sulfates (as sodium salts), not more than 2.0 percent.
Inorganic matter, insoluble HCl, not more than 0.5 percent.

(b) Each lake made as prescribed in paragraph (a) of this section shall be considered to be a straight color and to be listed therein under the name which is formed as follows:

(1) The listed name of the color from which the lake is prepared;

(2) The name of the basic radical combined in such color; and

(3) The word “Lake”.

(For example, the name of a lake prepared by extending the aluminum salt prepared from FD&C Blue No. 1 upon the substratum would be FD&C Blue No. 1—Aluminum Lake.)