22 CFR § 101.2 - Promotion of American interests.

§ 101.2 Promotion of American interests.

Officers of the Foreign Service shall further the agricultural and commercial interests of the United States:

(a) By carefully studying and reporting on the potentialities of their districts as a market for American products or as a competitor of American products in international trade.

(b) By investigating and submitting World Trade Directory Reports on the general standing and distributing capacity of foreign firms within their districts.

(c) By preparing and submitting upon request trade lists of commercial firms within their districts.

(d) By keeping constantly on the alert for and submitting immediate reports on concrete trade opportunities.

(e) By endeavoring to create, within the scope of the duties to which they are assigned, a demand for American products within their districts.

(f) By facilitating and reporting on proposed visits of alien businessmen to the United States.

(g) By taking appropriate steps to facilitate the promotion of such import trade into the United States as the economic interests of the United States may require.