22 CFR § 19.7-2 - Agreement with spouse.

§ 19.7-2 Agreement with spouse.

(a) A spousal agreement between a participant and a spouse may waive or fix the level of a regular survivor annuity under § 19.11-3. If an agreement is filed, it will assure the spouse that the agreed-upon level of survivor annuity will be paid, irrespective of a future divorce provided the survivor meets the definition of “former spouse” in § 19.2(k). If an agreement is not filed, the participant's annuity will be reduced under § 19.10-2 to provide the maximum regular survivor annuity for the spouse, but in the event of a future divorce if the spouse meets the definition of “former spouse,” that person will be entitled only to a pro rata share of the survivor annuity. An agreement under this paragraph may be filed with PER/ER/RET at any time prior to retirement (commencement of the principal's annuity).

(b) A spousal agreement between an annuitant and a spouse filed with PER/ER/RET before commencement of a supplemental annuity for recall service may waive a supplemental survivor annuity that would otherwise be provided for a spouse under § 19.10-6.

(c) A spousal agreement between a participant or former participant and a spouse may be filed with PER/ER/RET at any time in accordance with § 19.10-5 and provide for an additional survivor annuity for the spouse.

(d) A spousal agreement filed under paragraph (a), (b), or (c) remains valid and binding in the event of divorce if the spouse qualifies as a former spouse.